Provisioning NetSuite is not monkey-business.

We frequently encounter new customers that pay for modules they can’t use or that create new inefficiencies by trying to save a buck. As your committed partner, we have a stake in getting everything right for your business the first time, and that starts here.

Provision NetSuite only with the expert partner that’s right for you, for the long haul – it directly benefits both parties and sets things off on the right foot.


Don’t launch NetSuite on your own or with a provider that’s inexperienced or doesn’t get your unique business. That’s often a very disruptive and costly mistake.

As the old saying goes, “pay me now or pay me later”. We’re frequently asked to re-engineer the flawed implementations of others’ because we get it right the first time. We make the effort to understand your business then apply a holistic approach to navigate every turn with the longview in mind. We have the experience to help improve your business processes as we migrate to NetSuite, and the expertise to adapt NetSuite to you.

01 NetSuite Implementation

  • ERP (mid-market)
  • OneWorld (global, multi-subsidiary)
  • SuiteCommerce Advanced (eCommerce): Turnkey robust eCommerce experience snaps right onto NetSuite.
02 Migration

Business process design or redesign, and data, expertly mapped to NetSuite from one or multiple legacy systems at once

03 Change management

Carefully phased implementations and thoughtful guidance for maximum benefit and user adoption.

04 Industries

Focus on Wholesale/Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, with experience in Wine, Energy, Professional Services, and a variety of others.


The power of NetSuite ERP is that it fully unifies your core business processes and critical data. But one size does not fit all.

But tech savvy is nothing without commitment to understanding your business, and experience architecting solutions that actually solve your most complex business challenges.

Need to streamline order processing, or automate your inter-subsidiary manufacturing assembly process? Maybe design and build an entire suite of custom applications, totally unique to your business, that fits seamlessly within NetSuite? When others say “you can’t get there from here”, NetSuite sends customers to us.

01 Custom Architecture

Design new database objects for data and functionality NetSuite doesn’t provide, and make them seamlessly fit within the same native environment and rules, or not.

02 Scripting Automation

Automate and dummy-proof manual processes, enforce reliable data and workflows, work around NetSuite restrictions, maximize efficiencies.

03 eCommerce

With SuiteCommerce, or using Celigo SmartConnectors, we unify best-of-breed eCommerce platforms with your core operational business processes, including inventory and order management, marketing, customer support and financials, for single view of your customers and business.

04 System Integrations

Connect external systems with NetSuite to function as one in real-time, or process volumes of data in batches using Celigo Integrator™.

05 Celigo SmartConnectors™

World-class turnkey connectors for, Magento, Amazon and more…

06 Custom Portals and User-Interfaces

Extend NetSuite access to users that otherwise have none, or provide a sleek UI for automations and applications within NetSuite.

07Celigo Productivity Apps

World-class productivity apps, like CloudExtend Google and SmartClient.


Upilio is purpose-built to go the distance with our customers. From start to… well, there is no finish line.

We not only get your business and apply a holistic approach to each initiative, but we remain continuously engaged to maximize the benefits of your NetSuite environment. Your business changes, NetSuite changes. We deliver continuity.

01 Scheduled Reviews and Roadmapping

Collaboration with your team to assess and plan future initiatives to gain efficiencies, improve data quality and increase business intelligence.

02 Admin-Assist

On-going consulting and hands-on work to support your team’s everyday requirements.

03 Bi-Annual NetSuite Release Adoption

Assess, implement and train for maximum benefit.

04 On-Going Support

Team approach, overseen by your assigned Primary Consultant

05 Audits and Scorecards

For customers with an existing NetSuite account, we assess the effectiveness of your implementation, critical business processes and customizations, and identify underutilized features and opportunities for increased benefits.

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