No one does it like we do, and that’s as important as what we do.

Upilio is purpose-built to provide you real value from Day 1 to Day 3,651. That means we get to know your business, apply a holistic team approach to every initiative and solution, and remain engaged over the long haul to maximize the benefits in your NetSuite environment.

Upilio is continuously investing in ways to innovate our business so we can continuously add value to yours.

So many others are in it just for license deals, or think only in terms of isolated projects (or both). Your business processes are not islands, but in a fully unified environment like NetSuite, those flawed ideas can create some serious ripples.



Your dedicated Primary Consultant guides your team of experts and ours on every initiative to ensure continuity with your business and NetSuite environment.

Projects – Discovery, Design, Build, Test, Deliver, Deploy

Comprehensive collaborative process results in the right requirements and tight solutions for your business and NetSuite environment. Detailed documentation maintained “as-built”, provides the basis for testing, training, support and future reference and updates by all parties. Delivery through deployment process increases customer independence and confidence.

Fixed-Fee Engagements

Once we’ve architected a solution for you, we back it up with a detailed requirements and solution document and a fixed-fee proposal. You’re free to shop it around, but we’re confident you’ll appreciate the value we deliver.


A scheduled program of Continuous Optimization, led by your dedicated Primary Consultant, designed to maximize the benefits from your NetSuite environment, and visualized in Client Continuum®.

Client Continuum™® (coming soon)

Exclusively from Upilio. We provide a visual, 360° collaborative environment that reflects your NetSuite environment’s past, present and potentially future-states, and holds the fruit of our collective labors. Every document, discussion, meeting, project and task – actionable and in context with every initiative. Would a project-driven company invest in a long-term relationship like this?

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