75 Days – 3 Things – NetSuite Time

It is NetSuite Time…

The NetSuite year end Final Countdown

Don’t worry, you have 108,000 hours left to close out 2016 and prepare for 2017

That’s assuming you work round the clock.  Which it feels like you are already doing.  Day to day, week to week, we have the best intentions.  Either we manage our time or time manages us.  75 Days?  Is that enough time to evaluate NetSuite?  Yes you can evaluate and implement NetSuite ERP that quickly but you will have to run on NetSuite time and you will need Upilio Consulting’s help.   Your calendar keeps you on task, your to do lists, your planner, your boss or maybe your role as CFFO (Chief Fire Fighting Officer) drive what you do with the precious time you have at work. Bouncing from what is important to what is urgent and back can lead to projects piling up. Many things started and very few finished. Next, later, tomorrow, someday, those become the timeline on which we operate. That can lead to the could of, would have and should have syndrome that eat’s self esteem and effectiveness for breakfast. 

When I woke up today my alarm said 3.  

That’s it, just 3, not the usual 5:33. Alarm clock 3 things to do with NetSuite ERP Instead of making a mental checklist of all the things I needed to get done today, I picked just three.  As a business owner or manager, what are the 3 most important things you need to get done in the last 75 days of 2016?  On the daily, specific, tactical, realistic goals are the way to go.  With a longer timeline, I try to squeeze my plans in between “someday I’d like to” and what can I get done in the next 90 days.   I don’t have 90 days.  I need more hours, more days, more weeks.  I only have 75.  If you take 3 minutes to list the things you want to do by year’s end and then prioritize them by biggest business impact.  The top 3 may not include:

  1. Evaluate new business software

  2. Implement ERP, CRM and or Ecommerce

  3. Streamline operational inefficiencies to focus on 2017 plans for world domination

But they could, even after revisiting the list and asking what is realistic, feasible and sane.   I would even submit for your consideration, that they should. What is insane is to start 2017 in the same place you are today.  Will your current business management platform support the goals you’ll create whenever you carve out time to write them down?  If you aren’t confident don’t hope it could, wish it would or put yourself in the position of answering with low confidence,”it should”.  Don’t tell yourself “I should look at new software after the busy season, after year end, after this after that or after after.  That doesn’t lead to happily ever after, we all know that.  

Don’t should on yourself.  Do it, do it now but don’t do it without help.  Upilio Consulting can help.  We can work with you to determine if NetSuite is a fit.  We can give guidance on the fastest path to go-live without shortcuts.  You need a NetSuite partner to stand by you for the long term.  Ensuring you get the most out of your technology investment, and continuously optimize NetSuite means we can’t go-live and go home.  To achieve your goal and to support your ever transforming top priorities, your NetSuite evaluation is too important to DIY and your implementation can’t be left to chance in the hands of those less experienced. 

6576990059_e1d9b75dd9_bYou can evaluate, implement and plan for phase two of a major software switch in just 75 days.  

Upilio Consulting can help.  Don’t try, Yoda the great Jedi Master said it best.  Come on you know the quote, either you do or you don’t, you can’t try to know it. Don’t be afraid, or give in to fear, but it is ok to be chicken.  Even the chicken knows once you start crossing the road, you will have to get to the other side to avoid disastrous consequences.  If you are a growing business struggling to scale at the pace of your growth or one for whom growth is the least of concerns, look left, look right and then call me.  I can show you the other side.  The grass is greener, the margins better and your time will seem more like your time.  

One of my favorite mentors also uses a road to explain the level of commitment one must posses to accomplish great goals.  Squished grapes make fine wine but a path partially followed never reaches the destination.  The time is now, it’s NetSuite Time.

Miyagi: Now, ready?karatekidiibdcap3_original

Daniel: Yeah, I guess so.
Miyagi: [sighs] Daniel-san, must talk.
  [they both kneel]
Miyagi: Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later
  [makes squish gesture]
Miyagi: get squish just like grape. Here, karate, same thing.
  Either you karate do “yes” or karate do “no.” You karate do “guess so,”
 [makes squish gesture]
Miyagi: just like grape. Understand?
Daniel: Yeah, I understand.
Miyagi: Now, ready?

Daniel: Yeah, I’m ready.

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