NetSuite Scalability: Counting the Competition

Words vs. Numbers & NetSuite vs. Intacct:  Scalable ERP Software.

I like numbers.  I use them all the time.  In fact the time is 10:37.  Numbers, figures, statistics, and metrics are facts.  Or are they?  Here are a few thoughts about numbers as they relate to software marketing, media and NetSuite scalability.  

Outgrowing your software?  Shed it for something scalable.

Outgrowing your software? Shed it for something scalable.

  1. Numbers are relative
  2. They can be manipulated or skewed
  3. Only relevant numbers count

In a recent press release or a manipulated marketing message Intacct announced a customer profile.  In the associated collateral, they made mention of numbers.  Specifically regarding results or benefits the customer had received from their ERP software implementation.

  1. Software paid for itself in <9 months
  2. Shortened monthly close by 1/3
  3. Saved a lot of time

When I read those numbers the questions that come to mind are things like: Did the software pay for one year’s subscription, did it pay for the implementation cost, how long did the implementation take and when did the clock start on the nine months, how did they manipulate the math?  When you read the customer profile you find out the monthly close was shortened by one day.  From three down to two.  That doesn’t sound as big as one third even though they are absolutely the same thing, one day sounds relatively small compared to 33%.   I like specificity and my clients like quantifiable ROI.  A “lot of time” isn’t a specific number, we can assume it is more than a little but does that really count?

Upilio Consulting is a NetSuite Solution Provider.  

We sell, implement, optimize and customize NetSuite exclusively.  You can meet us virtually here.  NetSuite is the only unified business platform for me, but it’s not for everyone, so I will stick to the numbers and openly admit my bias.  The companies we work with prefer 360 degree visibility of their business.  If you consider ERP, CRM and Ecommerce / Retail / Manufacturing to be three core departments, Financial visibility only covers 1/3 of your business.

Intacct’s press release / marketing worked.  I clicked on the link.  I read the customer profile, and I went to their website.  When I got there I sifted through some ofintacct website the general software selling language that looks similar on most ERP providers website’s until some numbers caught my attention.  I thought the numbers were small.  You may think they are big.  That’s the relative nature of numbers.

NetSuite has bigger numbers  

ns-numbers30,000+ customers vs. 11,000 for Intacct.  They also use the approach of expanding the time horizon to 12 months to get the biggest bang.  To me NetSuite processes two times or (70 million) more transactions.  You’d have to know how I calculated that to truly know the difference.  You’d also have to know NetSuite’s numbers are from July of 2015 and whether or not Intacct includes purchase orders, returns or anything else as a transaction.  You get the point and I’m at 475 words so I’ll wrap it up.  

When you are a growing business scaling is tough.  Lot’s of numbers have to get bigger to support the bigger sales volume.  Most companies try to first solve the problem by increasing headcount.  This of course increases cost in many areas.  When you have more customers you need more communication and a CRM to track it.  You need a website to handle more traffic and more orders.  More skus, more locations, more countries, currencies call for NetSuite ERP.  For sustainable growth you need to ensure a efficient supply chain cutting costs and increasing margins.   

NetSuite has bigger numbers then Intacct.  We can help you determine how much weight they carry in your evaluation and if we as an evaluation and implementation partner are a good cultural fit for you.  The reason the customer ultimately picked Intacct wasn’t the numbers.  It was the “customer-centric culture”.  That can’t be quantified but it definitely should be part of your software evaluation criteria.  At Upilio Consulting, we measure our customer relationships in quality not quantity.  To us, customer satisfaction isn’t a metric.  It’s a mantra.   

 For details on NetSuite’s superior scale, see some more numbers here: 

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