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Ready to implement NetSuite? Ready to choose a partner? Want to make the right decision?

An extreme amount of time and effort goes into the selection process of choosing the right implementation partner, how do you know you are making the right decision when evaluating a solution partner? How to choose the right solution partner to implement NetSuite: Considerations for Solution Provider selection. Does the partner have the attributes listed […]

Cloud based Two-tier ERP – Is it Right for You?

Business executives want more mobility, visibility and extensibility than ever before and the market has responded with a new era of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions from vendors like NetSuite. You know the drill, the corporate parent wants real-time big picture data, but their subsidiaries or regional divisions often need a more granular view of […]

NetSuite Licensing 101 – Getting A Great NetSuite Contract

When companies consider purchasing NetSuite, the “how much does it cost” question generally comes up early in conversations.  Understanding if NetSuite will fit within your budget is important however it’s equally important to consider the cost savings and new efficiencies your organization will benefit from by moving your business applications to the cloud.  NetSuite is more […]

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